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The Go-To Source for Residential & Commercial Door Repair and Installation in New York City

At ProMasters Locksmith, we are the trusted experts for residential and commercial door repair in the New York City region. We understand that our customer’s doors are one of the most important aspects of their properties and keeping them in top condition is of the utmost importance. This is because front doors represent the entry point from the exterior for properties owned by residents and business operators as well as helping to divide portions of a property’s interior. They are also key elements to a property’s security and often make an aesthetic statement as well. All of these factors are important in considering why our customers place so much importance on keeping them in the best condition. It is simply one of the most utilized aspects of a property whether it is that of a homeowner or a business owner. Taking care of the needs of both of these areas is our priority here at ProMasters Locksmith.

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It Is All About Reliability and Consistency

Reliability is something that our family-owned business is known for. We have extensive experience working in the region and perform all of our work to the highest of standards. Our business is fully licensed and we always aim to ensure that all work we do will meet the highest standards within our industry. Our goal is to provide NYC customers with crucial maintenance and repair options that assist with this. Our outstanding reputation for providing a top-notch customer experience that is facilitated by our specialized technicians has made us the name that comes up when NY customers search for door repair near me.

Our Comprehensive Range of Options for Door Repair

Our comprehensive services are provided to the residents and the business community of the NYC region. This includes the areas of The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island. Whether it is a customer’s home, store, or restaurant, our goal is to provide them with the right solution for any issue that they come to us with related to this work. Customers that are looking for expert technicians near me will find that we provide services that include:

  • Door Work for Both the Interior and the Exterior
  • Lock Repair
  • Lock Change
  • Deadbolt Change & Install
  • Smart Locks
  • Shabbat Door Lock
  • High-Security Door Locks
  • Keypad Door Lock
  • Same Day Service
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Access Control

We also take great pride in offering our customers the highest quality of work at prices that are affordable and reasonable. This has been crucial in allowing us to build a devoted customer base and to achieve an extensive number of referrals over the years. We also have a commitment to getting to work for our customers quickly because we know how frustrating it can be to have to wait. When customers need work done on their property, it is generally crucial that it commences quickly and we are committed to doing just that.

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Serving the Residents of NYC When Their Door Needs a Repair

Whatever the issue is that our customers come to us with, we can fix it. Whether it is an issue where working parts need to be replaced, or a lock repair is necessary, our technicians have the experience and know-how to do the job right the first time. We can also perform a lock change if the current one is old and outdated or if the customer has other security reasons to need a lock change. These are all key factors that have made us the company that the residents and business operators of the New York City area rely on. Our commitment to professionalism and providing a superior customer experience have become well-noted and have helped us to become known as the go-to contractor near me.

The Importance of Expert Commercial Repair

For business operations, having doors that are in top condition is essential. They represent the gateway into that business operation and also represent a key part of the business’s security. Our team has significant experience in helping our commercial customers with additional security measures such as a keypad door lock, high security doors locks, access control measures, smart locks, and deadbolt change & install. We also offer 24-hour service for the convenience of our customers. One never knows when this will come in handy and it is another way that we show our dedication to our customers in the NYC area. We are the area’s leader for shabbat door lock work. As business owners ourselves, we have a deep understanding of how important it is for things to be right and this is a top commitment that we follow when working for the business owners of NY.

We Are the Reliable Experts for Door Installation

Door installations are a key part of our business here in the NY region. Whether it is for a resident’s home or a business owner’s property, there are many reasons that this is a beneficial option. A new door might need to be put in for various reasons ranging from the old one is old and outdated looking to it simply being in a condition where it is not worth putting in the effort to repair it. Customers might also want to increase their security by upgrading their access control. This option also includes work putting in new locks. A homeowner or business owner might decide that they want to heighten their security by doing a deadbolt change & install, or adding high security door locks. The convenience of a shabbat door lock is also desirable for many property owners. We understand that our customers want to best possible results and we always aim to deliver on that with all of the work that we do for the residents and the business owners in the NYC region. Our aim is always to impress and deliver results that will inspire repeat business and good word of mouth.

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Additional Solutions That Can Make a Difference

At ProMasters Locksmith, we are also New York City’s go-to company for a host of other valuable options related to doors. These options include smart locks and keypad door locks. These options can add additional security beyond what a standard lock repair can accomplish. A Shabbat door lock is a great way to add a new level of convenience when it comes to entry to a property.

We Provide Repair Services in These New York City Areas

Providing door solutions near me across the NY City region is a priority of ours here at ProMasters Locksmith and serve these areas:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • The Bronx
  • Long Island

Reach Out to Us Today So We Can Speak About How We Can Be of Assistance

We are ready to hear about how we can help you with your door at ProMasters Locksmith. Our goal is to always deliver the highest standards in all of our work and we are committed to providing a memorable customer experience. Call now to request service at 800-856-5035 or you can send us a message on our website located at Our team is ready to show you the difference that comes from hiring the experts here at ProMasters Locksmith.