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Pro Master Locksmith Lock Change Service

Sometimes you need a lock replaced. There are several reasons from this ranging from the benign like upgrading an old lock system to something new that will actually get the job done to needing to change a lock to make sure a bad ex-roommate or ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, doesn’t have access to your home. Maybe you were a landlord who had to evict. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need the old locks taken out and new ones put in that are completely incompatible with old keys. When you find yourself in this situation don’t despair or get stressed out – call our experienced professionals so you can rest easy with the peace of mind from knowing you’re in good hands.

Residential Lock Change Services

Whether an apartment, townhouse, or house, there are a wide array of residential locks out there. We take pride in only offering the highest quality locks when it comes to style, brand, and effectiveness. When you work with us you know you’re getting the best locks in the business at every price level. We find the right locks for your specific doors and your specific needs. No cookie cutter solutions here – you can rest easy knowing we care about your lock change and work hard to make sure you get the best setup possible!

Our professionals have many years of experience and we have seen every challenging lock replacement setup you can imagine. That means whatever your issues we have the professionals who can offer affordable high quality solutions. Next time you need a residential lock change call us for fast, efficient, and high quality service!

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Commercial Lock Change Services

Commercial lock change work can be a bit more complicated, especially when working with an advanced or electronic security system. High tech lock systems still require the locks themselves to be in top notch condition and everything needs to work together in perfect harmony. One little thing that is off or wrong can cause a disproportionate number of headaches.

Our professional locksmiths will help navigate these tricky waters and help change out locks in a way that helps guarantee that your business is safe. We work with you to guarantee minimum inconvenience and minimum installation times while still getting the job right the first time. Whether small scale or large scale, we have the skilled professionals to do the job fast and to do it right!

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Whenever you need a lock changed, it doesn’t do any good to wait. We are your professionally licensed, insured, and certified locksmiths ready to tackled any type of a job. Whether you need a new high tech security & lock system, a new deadbolt installed, or a simple change out of locks complete with new keys, our professionals can handle the job. This includes interior and exterior door locks, residential or commercial, we can handle it and make sure you are happy and secure with your new setup!

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