Lock Installation Brooklyn Queens

Lock Installation in Brooklyn Queens

We need our keys for so many things from locking perimeter doors behind us when we leave, starting the car, and unlocking our office doors. Keys and locks are such an integral part of our functional lives that when something goes wrong or we can’t find our keys, we become paranoid. Luckily you can rely on Pro Master Locksmith for a professional solution to all your locksmith problems. Get in touch with us now on 800-856-5035 for 24-hour emergency locksmith services.

We are a local New York City family owned business providing reliable and affordable locksmith services to residents of Queens, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas. All our professional locksmith technicians are licensed and fully insured. They understand how frustrating and inconvenient it is when you lose your keys or you have been locked out of your home or vehicle. That is why we respond to an emergency within 15 minutes with the necessary equipment to quickly sort out your lock and key problems so that you can get on with your day.

Why you should have the name of a trusted Locksmith on your contact list.

Locksmiths are an essential part of our lives as we are surrounded by access doors and all sorts of other items that need keys every day. We all know how easy it is to misplace our keys and if anyone has had the experience of being locked out the house or even worse, the car, they know how desperation can cause them to grab hold of the first locksmith willing to come out. While most people don’t consider a locksmith as ‘necessary’ or even ‘essential’, having a local locksmith on hand for emergencies will avoid making costly mistakes.

Residential locksmiths provide services where they are most needed – in the home. Their jobs include providing sturdy and durable locks for the doors in your home and to come to your assistance during lockouts. They also make duplicate keys and can come to your assistance when you have locked yourself out of your car. Having the number of a locksmith on hand will get you out of trouble much faster with less risk and a lower cost.

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Installing New House Locks

Get 5% off when you install new house locks with Pro Master Locksmith. If you are moving to a new house or apartment it is highly advisable to replace all the door locks to maintain a high level of safety and security in your home. When this is done in a professional manner by a well-trained and experienced locksmith you will have peace of mind that your family and their possessions are protected. It is a good idea to purchase a similar brand to the existing bolts to ensure it will fit into the openings left behind. Lock installation is a specialized field that requires extreme expertise and precision in the art of lock fitting. All our top class locksmiths are proficient at providing quality lock installation services on all types of doors.

First, the old lock will have to be removed which the locksmith will do by unscrewing the handles.

The locksmith will ensure that the handles are accurately set into the entryway openings and that all safety requirements are met. They also ensure that while working with tools like drills, no damage is caused to the door, the frame or the wall.

Identifying suitable locks for a new home installation will require a certain amount of research. You can do this on your own or consult with a professional locksmith company like Pro Master Locksmith who will be able to advise you on the best locks for your particular security needs.

Installing new and updated locks will add an additional layer of security to ensure that your home stays secure and protected. Our reliable locksmiths will assist you in enhancing the security of your home or office and will be on stand-by 24 hours around the clock in case you need them.